Search on site w/o search box

Is there a way to search on the site itself for a term?

I want to search for the term “corporate tax” on the site itself but there is no possibility to do it (the site doe not have a search function - the search button on the top goes to Google and does not let me sort results).

In other words, I would like to have a notice when the term “corporation tax” appears on that site (they always list the 10 most recent cases) but I’m not sure how to do it (the URL doesn’t allow me to do it and a macro seems to be not possible either since there’s no real search box or am I wrong here?)

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Hello @alextaxanalysts - is it fair to think of it as a full website monitor with keyword alerts?

That could be the right description. Again, as I said, the website doesn’t let me search the site, though, and the URL doesn’t show the keyword when I opened the sub-page (if that’s the right word).

We don’t have a fully fledged solution yet. We are progressively working towards building a crawler that can automatically index all pages and track them. The first step built is Monitoring Sitemap of a Website Using a Crawler – Distill. It helps index and monitor all links on the website. The next step we plan to build is the content monitor. This is likely to be ready by Q1 or Q2 in 2024.

In this website’s case, you need to track changes in the linked PDF files too?

no, no tracking required in the pdFs

Got it. I will let you know once the feature to monitor a full website is available. Thanks!