Schedule Checks speed

I have a little over 100 monitors being run locally on the Distill Desktop App. It takes several minutes for it to go through all monitors even though I am scheduling the checks for between 5 - 30 seconds. Is this a limitation unable to be fixed due to how many monitors I have or is there a solution to get it to run faster? Would running the desktop app on a better pc vs my laptop have any change? Thank you.

In the advanced options, try changing the maximum number of threads to run, changing from 3 to 10, which would be much better. At the same time, it is recommended to switch to background detection mode, so that there will not be many tabs displayed on the web page at the same time, and the detection task will only run in the background, which will be of great help to you to concentrate on daily use

like @ruchid123123123123 mentioned, increasing number of concurrent workers is an option. but do note that it will increase the load on your computer. another option can be installing the app on more computers and split the load across them.

Thank you both for your help, that has improved it a ton.