Remove Labels in Bulk

Is there a way to remove labels in bulk?

Currently you can check multiple items and add a label to them. I am not seeing a way to bulk remove it.

For example:

  • Items I have are active and urgent. Let’s label it both “Active” + “Urgent”.
  • As these items are no longer “Urgent”, I would like to remove the label “Urgent” (“Active” label is the only label left).
  • Imagine you have 100+ monitors and need to change half of them to not be “Urgent”.

There has to be a way to do this?

Hello @0xBerlin, thanks for sharing the feedback! Removing tags in bulk is not supported right now. We have wanted to support this for a long time. The reason it has taken so long is that we haven’t found an efficient way to do this in our last attempt. We will revisit this again and see if we can add this as an option in “Batch Edit” menu.

Surprising, since I’m sure this would be a very common thing that users might want to see. Thanks for looking into this.

It depends on the workflow. When using tags to categorize things, they usually don’t need to be removed in bulk. When using it to mark a state (like “look-into-it-later”) then it is needed. The later one is less common and main used by some power users.

Note that a dirty workaround is to delete the tag itself and retag leftovers. A few could be using this.

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