Remember and compare the last 2 changes

If it would be possible that remembers the last 2 notifications: Would it be possible to receive a notification only if a change has not been received yet?

My problem is that e.g. in “ebay Kleinanzeigen” often the order of the last two advertisements changes and thus constantly sends notifications, although the advertisements are already known to me.


Hello @h77, welcome to the community forum and sharing the feedback. It makes sense to have a condition that can ignore a change if it the same change has been found in the past.

Did you choose to monitor the last item in the list so reduce the chances of being alerted due to change in order?

Hello ajitk, thanks for your reply. Since the classifieds page contains paid placements in the top two entries, I am now trying to filter out the third placement as the interesting one. Unfortunately, when the page is refreshed (F5), the most recent ad is not always displayed in third place, but the one before last. I let refresh the search every 12 seconds and in this rhythm I get alternately the last two hits displayed.

Please try:

Press F5 at regular intervals, third place is alternating randomly.

Please reconsider this feature

Add the ability to ignore changes if a match is found in the previous X results. This would work well in the config. Add something like MatchPreviousResults with a default value of 1, which indicates to only check matches for the previous 1 result.

Here is an example:
Result1 ↔ Result2

NOTIFICATION: Result1 = Result2

Result1 ↔ Result3

NO NOTIFICATION: Result1 = Result3 AND MatchPreviousResults >= 2.

At least this is my idea of how to implement this fairly easily. Thank you for your consideration!

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