Regarding German visa appointment

I am looking to monitor RK Termin Shanghai which is the German embassy site. But it has frequent captcha for every category and if anyone knows how to do this in steps it could be helpful

Hello @susimuthu, welcome to the community forum.

By “RK Termin Shanghai”, do you mean the following webpage?

I am not familiar with getting German visa, so I am not sure what the process is. Can you share some of the steps you are trying to take to book the visa appointment? Thanks!

Thanks for the reply. The page what you mentioed is correct. When you open the page we have to click continue under Appointment for Visa section .Now it will be navigated to the category page. We have to choose either Family reunion or Language course category. The next page will again have the option to continue and now we have to enter captcha. The next page will show if any appointments are available and there we have to book the appointment. I have always seen appointments are not available at the moment so I dont know what are the next steps. Can you please help me with this?

@susimuthu The final URL after all those steps are performed leads to the following URL:

This page shows a captcha when opened for the first time. Opening the page subsequently doesn’t show the captcha.

Can you try the following steps and see how it works?

  1. Install the browser extension from Web Monitoring Apps | Distill
  2. Open the final URL in your browser.
  3. Solve the captcha so that you can access the appointment availability page.
  4. Now, monitor the full page changes using the extension so that it is monitored locally.

Please note that the site’s cookies may expire after some time. In that case, the captcha may be displayed again. Once it does, you may have to solve the captcha again.