Random check on chromium not working

Currently using the extension on Chromium: 105.0.5195.102. I set up the random interval however it does not trigger any checks. The checks in the history were ran manually.

Is chromium not supported ?

It looks like I need to have the distill extension tab open for it to work. If it is closed it wont trigger a check.

Hi @lcasey001, Welcome to the community forum!

Distill’s extension should work on chromium too. From the screenshot, I can see that the monitor is turned off. You need to turn it “ON”.


Please note that the browser extension works only when the browser is on. By default, checks happen in the tab.

Hope this helps!

Thanks. I took the screenshot while it was off. I was testing turning it on and off etc. I re-did the entire check to see if it will work this time.

I see. Please feel free to reply or email us if the issue persists.