Quantity monitor

Good afternoon,
I currently have a monitor set up on a item quantity unique value. Is there a way of setting up notifications to when this quantity increases rather than decreases.

For instance for a stock count.

If we started at 5 and it went to 6 I would want a notification, then it dropped to 4, I wouldnt want a notification. Then back up to 5 triggering a new notification.

As the item quantity is constantly changing I cant put in a set value as it needs to be fluid with the stock count, however I only want to know when stock increases opposed to a decrease.

Thanks, hopefully someone can help.

Hello @bainzyboy, there is numeric condition that can help with this: β€œtext has number that increased more than 0”. Using this, it will only notify when the number goes up compared to the previous change. Following article has more details:

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