Problem with sync

Hi everyone,
I have a problem : since a few days, every time I check the modifications of a site I get an error !
Can you help me?

Hey @Spleen, welcome to Distill’s community forum!

Are you getting error performing checks or syncing data between devices in your account? For errors, some of the common causes and solutions are mentioned in the following article:

One of the most common errors is SELECTION_EMPTY. One of the following works well in most such cases

  1. Select more parts of the page like its title. It can be done using a CSS selector title or XPath expression //head/title.
  2. Set a delay in the config if the page requires more time to load. This helps in case pages are rendered using JavaScript and rendering takes a bit more time.
  3. Including more elements that are less likely to change in the selection can also help in some cases.

If you need help, feel free to share more information. We will be happy to help!

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