Please Help Monitoring Ticketmaster Page

Please advise on how to set up monitoring on this page to detect when tickets are available.

If I choose “Monitor Full Page”, I get notifications of changes on every refresh because there is a tiny change to the source on refresh as seen in the image below. Is there a way to exclude that small bit when it checks for changes?

If I choose to only monitor the text that says “Tickets are sold out now. Check back soon.”, it doesn’t detect when it’s gone. Is that due to the popup confirmation from Ticketmaster that needs to be clicked once there are tickets available and the page changes? And if so, how to work around it?

Here are a couple more images if it helps. Top is what the page in my OP shows once there are tickets available. Bottom is after clicking on the blue “Got It” button.

Welcome to the forum, @parryhotter

To monitor a webpage for a specific type of change, it’s best to focus on particular sections of the page. If the selected element, such as an availability message, might disappear later, include an additional, more stable element in your selection, like the title. This approach ensures that the monitor will send an alert when the “sold out” message is no longer present.

Does that make sense?

it makes sense, but as stated, when I select to only monitor a part of the page like the “Tickets are sold out now. Check back soon.” portion, Distill is not seeing that it goes away. It checks the page, but it does not detect when that text goes away. I’ve tried over and over and over and over and Distill does not see or notify of any changes when the “sold out” message is no longer present.

Did the monitor encounter a SELECTION_EMPTY error when that text was no longer found on the page? Checkout the following link to see the log of checks: How to view logs of checks? – Distill

No. Nothing. No error, no audio alert, no notification popup, nothing.

I see. I am wondering if any change is being detected at all. Can you share screenshots of the change history[1] in “Text mode” and the check log?

[1] Change history and highlighted changes – Distill