Options to select preferred phone push notification audio alert


1. Phone Push Notification Audio Alert

I activated the phone push notification but it’s giving what sounds like a little child saying Hello and in all honestly, it sounds quite creepy. I really don’t like it but I need an audio notification on my phone. Please tell me where to choose another phone alert.

  1. The push notification button on the phone settings- IS that for audio alert? I’m not sure how I’m getting the audio actually

  2. I noticed that the phone alert only alerts if my web monitor is on my PC (when I switch my PC on), I really need it to alert me when the PC is off - I am assuming that is the purpose. Kindly advise what settings to look at.

  3. I need the app to work in the background and not only when I switch on the laptop (as per point no 3) and also if the app has been closed on the phone. I need it to notify irrespective of whether the app is open on the phone or not. Kindly advise.

Thank you!

Really NB. Thank you and kind regards,

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Thanks for the feedback about the push notification sound, Julia.

  1. The Android app’s default sound is the hello in a child’s voice. We will change it in the next update. You can choose a different push notification sound under the app’s settings.

  2. The push notification is sent using an action. The action could either be configured in a monitor’s Options page or in global actions page. It looks like this:

  3. Local monitors only run when the device they are set to run on is active. Cloud monitors can be used to run monitor 24x7 without the need to keep the PC on. Here is an article with more information: Local Monitor vs. Cloud Monitor – Distill

  4. This is related to the last point. Cloud monitor is the way to run things in the background. Please note that the phone app doesn’t check the monitors for changes. Its primary use is to get push notifications and manage the Watchlist.

Please don’t change the default sound!

The child voice saying Hello is incredibly useful and I would be sad to lose it


Thanks for the feedback, @legendarysubmit. We will pause the change in default notification sound. If we did change the default it, you have the option to choose it back from the app’s settings page.

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