Open Webpage Selector stopped working

Recently, whenever I click the “Open Webpage Selector” button my chrome flashes white for a split second, opens a new tab (to my homepage, not the page I am watching), and I get an error in distill “Error: Error at Service Proxy: attachAndOpenSelector.” This use to work until a few months ago.

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Hello @evolut1010, thanks for reporting this issue! Couple of quick questions to help reproduce this bug:

  1. What is the extension’s version?
  2. What is the browser version?

Distill: 3.4.11
Chrome: Version 111.0.5563.65 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I found the conflicting extension. ‘Bookmark Sidebar’ (there is an option to redirects new tabs to a custom url) so when distill opens a new tab it gets messed up. Both extensions use to work together until recently, it would be nice if they work together again, but I understand it is not your extension’s issue.

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Thanks for the update!