Open Page in Tabでウインドウを最小化させたままにするには?

I am using “Open Page in Tab” for my actions.
I have a new tab open when the site is updated.
However, when the site is updated while the window is minimized and I “Open Page in Tab”, the window comes back from minimization and becomes active.
This is very annoying. Especially when writing.
Is there any way to keep the window minimized when it becomes “Open Page in Tab”?

Hello, @nobisuke, welcome to the community forum!

It is the browser’s default behavior to activate the window that has a new active tab. In your use case, does it make sense to disable the action instead?

It is very inconvenient to be active while typing in a different window than the window in which the Distill monitor is open.
Is there any way to disable it?

Removing the action is the way to disable it.