Number of Checks for a number of websites

It says that in cloud, checks are counted in units of 7 seconds. If a check takes upto 7s, it is counted as one. If it takes more than 7s and less than 15s, it is counted as two.

What if I have 25 websites checked for changes every 2 mins… will it count as 25 checks every 2 mins or will it depend on how long it will take Distill to check through all these websites?

Interested to subscribe to Flexi but I’m not sure if the number of checks is enough for the whole month.



Hello @flossysmith123 - whenever a monitor added to the Watchlist and is checked for changes, it is counted as a check. If the check took 12 seconds to completed, it will be counted as 2 checks. If there are 25 URLs that are being monitored, checks for each URL will be accounted using the same method. If a check took 7 seconds or less, it will be counted at 1 and more depending on how long it takes.

Also note that Flexi plan offers a usage based pricing model for checks. More details are listed at the following link Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for your reply! I’d like to also ask if I can have the checking scheduled daily. Let’s say, I want Distill to only check the URLs at 6AM to 7PM Pacific time daily. Is that possible? Also, what monthly plan can you recommend for me for the following requirements:

  • 20-30 URLs
  • checking in all URLs every 2mins
  • 2 Devices
  • email notification every change
  • sms notifications not required

The best option to start will be the Starter plan with local checks. Extensions also support timeslot for checks in the Starter plan, so limiting checks to a limited time range works well too.

Does the starter plan allow a checking frequency of every 2 mins too? We need to check all monitors every 2 mins and this will be done on a daily basis.

You can use run the monitors locally every 2 minutes. Checkout Local Monitor vs. Cloud Monitor – Distill to learn more about local monitors.

It’s working perfectly on some websites! However, there are some websites that automatically log out after some time. There are also some websites that automatically log out when its tab is closed. The watchlist commits an error such as this one(Screenshot by Lightshot) whenever these local monitors are checked. How can these be resolved?

Could running a macro that tries to login periodically be a potential option?

If the website requires one to login everytime a tab is closed, a macro should work.

That means I have to upgrade to at least your starter plan? Do I need 1 Macro for each website?

Screenshot by Lightshot My card is being declined. Is PayPal a payment option?

Yes, a macro will be needed for each website where you need to login automatically.

Stripe is the only supported option using the webapp. App Store is also an option where you can also avail a 7-day free trial to test things out.