Notifications are not working - rules are set

hi, i’ve already set my rules, and turn all rules on, but i still can’t recieve any notification from chrome(the tool i used is chrome plugin). i don’t know where the problem is and need help now, thanks

Hello @huftdytk,

In general, following is the sequence of events that eventually leads to an alert:

  1. A check happens.
  2. If the check errors out, new changes will never be detected. Did you get errors? How to view logs of checks? – Distill
  3. If no error was detected, Distill should be able to detect changes. Was it able to? You can check the history. Please see: Change history and highlighted changes – Distill
  4. If Distill is able to detect changes, you should get alerts.
  5. If conditions are added, alerts will trigger only if the conditions match. As a test remove the condition and see if you get alerts. If you have added global conditions, you should remove that too for testing purposes.

The most common cases that prevent an alert are errors and conditions (#2 and #5). Let me know what you find out or feel free to share more information about your setup. Thanks!