Notification when somtings is wrong on local monitor


I few days ago I got an e-mail because somting was wrong with a clould monitor, that verry good because you can change it right away, however whem somting is wrong on a non clould monitor you can only see that if you go to the wachtlist, I would be nice if I aldo got an mail or notofication when somting is wrong on a non clound monotor, is that posible ?


Hello @retep32, we currently support local notifications (sound and popup) for errors in local monitors. We plan to enable other channels of notifications like email and SMS too in the near future. Thanks for sharing the feedback!

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hmm, I tought I did not get a message a time ago when a local monitor got an error,

By default the error notification is triggered after a few consecutive changes. This is a setting in the Distill’s extension’s settings as shown in the screenshot below.

Check it out to see if those options make sense for your use case. You can click the cog icon in the bottom left cornet in the extension’s Watchlist to open this page.

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I would much prefer the addon icon to change to highlight error statuses.
The sound or popup is very unreliable unless I am behind the device.

Thanks for the feedback, @xtwmx. What is the typical number of total monitors and errored out in your Watchlist?

I have about a dozen monitors in total and a couple of them went into error status before I noticed it.

Got it, thanks! How frequently do those monitors get errors? For example, multiple times in a day or a few times in a week?

I would say a 1-2 per month so not that often.