Notification not triggered after the first run and content retrieval

The monitor was first set successfully with the condition of match: if the retrieved text (01SEP17) contains my keyword (01SEP17) => trigger notification.
The first run resulted in successful retrieval of the desired text. But notification was never triggered. Date shows the same date as of the monitor setup. I tried to troubleshoot it by setting ‘text is not empty’ being absolutely sure that since the text was successfully fetched, notification will certainly run. But it didn’t. Also changed from Visual to Text, set ‘Added text’, tested it in various ways. I have no idea how to resolve it.
The URL is: Visa Bulletin For October 2023


@romaneo a notification is triggered only after a change is detected. The first version in the change history isn’t a change, so it doesn’t trigger notifications. You can remove the conditions and wait for a change to be detected.