Not receiving emails


I have indecated to receive a e-mail as wel as an audio notification, I get the audio notification if someting changes but do nog get an e-mail ( it has worked before but has now stoped working i do not know the reason.

see also the sreenshot

Hello @retep32, welcome to the community forum.

Did you receive no email alerts at all from Distill or received some but it stopped after a while?

I Did receive emails, but after a while it stoped.

p.s. I did receive an e-mail because you responded to my question.

It is likely that you have run out email alerts for this month. Can you check and see they are all used up?

oke, I did not know there was a maxium, now i know what the reason is thank you.

I have opened an unlimited email push package, but I can’t send emails from today. Email not received message

@whiskylove3 Can you check your daily usage stats to see if it shows that email alerts are being sent at

Log of individual actions sent can be viewed at

Let me know what you find out.