Not meant to notify 500+ brands - seems glitched

Hi Surya,

Hope all is well.

I have a question - I recall you previously showed us how to identify new brands. However, I’m having an issue where an entire block is getting highlighted, which means I have to look at 500 brands each time. Is there a way to ensure that only BRAND NEW brands are highlighted, rather than highlighting any changes to the format of those brands on the website?

I’m able to get on a call and explain if needed.

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Hello Elisa, welcome to the community forum.

Can you please share more details about the problem you are trying to solve? Thanks!

Dear Ajit,
We have websites that share more than 500 new brands everyday, which is basically impossible.
We would like to be notified only with NEW brands but now it seems glitched because it shows also brands which are not new.

In addition, since 2 days, the watchlist does not actually sign ANY new brand and so we cannot keep up with updates no more.

Thanks in advance for the reply, hoping to solve this problems as soon as possible,

Sure! Can you please share the URL you are monitoring and a screenshot to show what you are trying to monitor and the problem being faced? Thanks!

Here’s the URL Distill Web Monitor
And here attached the screenshot:

Thanks a lot,

The problem here seems to be the frequently changing numbers. It should be possible to change the selections in such a way that the numbers are not monitored for changes.

Can you share the webpage’s URL that is being monitored? I will check the page out and let you know what I find out.

here’s the URL of Harrods.
Thank you so much

Can you share the webpage’s URL that is being monitored instead of the Watchlist’s URL? Please share the “Flannels” one that shown in the first screenshot containing lots of numeric changes.