Not all macros showing up when trying to test

I am trying to make adjustments to a scheduled checker that runs a macro but I cannot see all the potential macros that it should be running on. I think it only shows a short list of them.

It has an assigned macro that works, but when testing, its almost as if there is no macro assigned.

@armian10 the macro selection dropdown wasn’t designed to have those many macros for a single site. Are those macros very similar with minor differences or very different?

Thanks for the response. They are very similar in structure, but have subtle differences in what is selected from each macro. Ideally, there would be:

  1. A macro to sign in and go to a particular page
  2. Separate macros that are called to fulfill things to setup page to be read accordingly for the snapshot to be taken

Makes sense. We have been thinking about ability to reference and run a macro from another.

Do they differ in input parameters? A related suggestion was brought up in Can I use the same macro with different/variable type texts - #3 by luchazo. The plan is to let you parameterize certain values like search queries. Does that apply in your use case?