None of monitors are working

Hello, I am new to Distill and new to using any web monitoring platforms. I
have set up three separate ‘monitors’ for a specific webpage to check for new listings in real time (so I can quickly apply) - they are all set to check the page either 5-10seconds or 5minutes maximum - however none of them are working and I don’t know why.

I have a subscription to the website and get notifications of new listings hourly, but that timing is too slow as applications fill up within minutes, so I want to get notifications in real time which is why I set up a subscription with distill. However, I am getting the website hourly notifications which show new listings have appeared, but I am getting nothing from distill and I don’t know why. I have clicked in the visual area of the page where it would change as new listings were added, but still nothing is happening. I have paid money for distill so I want to make it work (or I will request a refund, but I prefer to get it working). What am I doing wrong / how can I fix the monitor??

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Hi @erin21, can you check if the monitors being checked for changes but encountering errors? Please see How to view logs of checks? – Distill. One of the most common reason is a SELECTION_EMPTY error when the selectors don’t find any content in the monitored page. Let me know what you find out or need help fixing them.

If things are not working out and need a refund, feel free to send an email to requesting a prorated refund and the next steps.

Hi @ajitk thank you for your prompt reply.

I can see they have each been checked a while ago (Last changed on March 19, March 21 and April 7 respectively). I can’t see a detailed log, but they all say ‘Log for this monitor will be available on device that runs this monitor’. I’m confused what this means, as I have only set up the monitors on this laptop and then downloaded the app on my phone so I could receive notifications…

I can delete them all and try set up new ones again. What area of a page should I be clicking on to avoid ‘selection empty’?

Hi @ajitk, I have deleted the monitors and just started some new ones. One of them has come up with this error >

Code: EX00X
Msg: API not found

When the monitor is configured to run using the browser extension, the log can be viewed using the browser extension running the checks. This is because the logs are not synced across devices. When running a monitor in the cloud, the log can be viewed from any connected device.

Was it encountered happen every time it is checked for changes or only once in a while (say 1 in 10)? Can you please share a screenshot of what you see in the check log?