No results showing from webpages on Distill

I’ve set up several alerts for changes to webpages. The comparison results page is empty today when I log onto the platform (however, the email alerts are working fine). Please see attached image.

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Hello @smudau - thanks for reporting the issue. Can you try to hard refresh the Watchlist (Ctrl+Shift+R, Cmd instead of Ctrl for Mac) and see if that fixes the issue?

Please let me know what you find out. Thanks!

Hi Ajitk

No luck with the hard refresh. The content seems to show if I use Edge as my browser (currently on Chrome). Does this help diagnose the problem?

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Good info. Can you try again @smudau? We found and fixed an issue with caching in an upgrade deployed today just now.

Thanks Ajit. Still no success - here is a screenshot of what I’m seeing after refreshing.

It is likely that the browser is still caching older files. Can you try to clear the cache as shown in the following article?

You only need to clear “cached images and files” and don’t need to clear cookies.

If this doesn’t work, can you try using Chrome’s incognito window once and check if that works?

Thank you for helping debug this!

Many thanks Ajit! That’s worked.

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