No notifications when there is a change on a website

Hi all I’m monitoring this website
This website does also have a ticket exchange part when you select the menu next to the language flag, when I select in the ticket exchange at the away games for example the match Heerenveen-Feyenoord it is sold out.

I have selected the part sold out so when people sell their tickets it changes to for sale.
How do i get a notification when this change as i have seen it already a few times that it was changed but I didn’t get a notification.

Kind regards

@darude can you check if the notification triggered? See

Hi Ajitk thank you for your reply…

Yes I have these settings this way, I think the problem is that distill isn’t targeting the right page, maybe this has something to do with the website it self.
Distill is showing the results of the main website and not the ticket exchange section even though i have selected this option to monitor.

I see. When you copy and open the URL directly in the browser, does the page render the content you are looking for or do you need to take certain actions to go to show that?

Then I also need to do some actions to get to the ticket exchange part.

Could a macro help get to the target page?

Thanks, I will try it later today to see if it helps.

I see that macros is only for paid customers unfortunately, i only need to one website to be monitored.