No checks occurring

I use Distill frequently and I have had no issues this far, However just recently the sites I am having monitor are not being scanned for checks.

There is no errors when looking at my watch list however I do see an error. “EBROWSER error encountered”

The usual fix for this issue was to click the sync option at the top of the watch list but this is not working. Please help so I can get back to making millions.

@shophova can you share a screenshot of the log?

The EBROWSER error usually means that Distill is not able to open pages in the browser extension to check them for changes. This can happen if no browser window is open. This can be solved by configuring the extension to use a sticky window for checks.


This is the log, However this is the original device that I had these running on so unsure what to do next.

I also am unsure of how to configure a sticky window for checks if you could help with that it would be greatly appreciated.

It is possible that the extension was reinstalled. Can you check and set the device performing the checks to “this device”. That should make it work. Please see Local Monitor vs. Cloud Monitor – Distill and let me know if the checks don’t start even after doing that.

This solution worked.

There is regular checks now occurring but now I have noticed a new issue.

Only around 1/3 of my watch list is being checked and I am unsure of how to fix this issue. 2/3 of my watch list is not being checked and the settings are the same for the all of my watch list.

As long as the device configured to check the monitors for changes is active, checks should happen. What happens when you try to manually check them for changes?