New proxy and settings

Good morning.
I have a Flexi plan and I want to create a new proxi for Mexico but i don’t know how to add the proxy because I don’t understand the format type username:password@address:port
Use* rname is my distill user (email or just name)?

  • Passwrod: my distill password?
  • Adrdress: I think is the IP
  • Port: is ok
    Thanks for your answers

Hey @inteliens, for the format username:password@address:port:

  • username and password are the proxy’s authentication credentials.
  • address: proxy server’s hostname or IP
  • port: port at which the proxy server is listening for the incoming requests

Good morning,

I am trying to add new proxies to the list but when I try to click save, nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong?

One of the tricky part in adding a new proxy can be the format to enter the authentication details. @pallavJha’s post explains the input format’s components. Does the proxy being added support authentication using a username and a password?