New distill user - error handling question (I searched first)

Very cool product. I’m using the chrome extension on macOS, and have 2 hopefully simple questions on handling an error. I’m not taking about the Actions available under a specific monitor.

  1. Can I run a macro after a detected error? I’d like to click a sign in button on a page if the page I am monitoring returns a SELECTION_EMPTY.

  2. I currently receive an email notification if an error is detected but there is no option to send a push notification when an error is detected. Is there a way to do that?

Thanks in advance for any help.

welcome to the community forum and thank you for asking questions.

check out Get notifications on errors – Distill. error actions are designed to be triggered after certain number of errors have been encountered. the supported action types are:

  1. email
  2. sms
  3. webhook
  4. audio
  5. popup

it is currently not possible to run a macro action.

do you need to login automatically in case you have been logged out? it can be done by using a macro in the monitor (instead of using macro as an action). check out [Feature] Conditions in Macros

push notifications are currently do not support error alerts. we will do that in the near future.