New Desktop app update alerts with each change regardless of conditions


an hour ago my desktop app got an update. I assume from version 3.9.4 to 3.9.5.
I closed the running app and restarted it. I did not change my monitor. From that moment on the monitor will alert each time the page changed, no matter what I put into the condition. This is not the behaviour I like to have - so what happened in the update?

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Where can we check for the version number?

I have been having issues recently where notifications are not being pushed. I also noticed that the windows distill app is automatically marking notifications as read. What would be causing this?

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Go to settings and it will be under the links on the left.

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I just installed the Chrome extension and changed my monitors to run on any local device. Now notifications are working again. I don’t want to run the Chrome extension though.

Hi @timstonne,

Thanks for reporting the issue. We are looking into it and will update you shortly.

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Hello @timstonne, @sleegoo
We have found a bug in the app and have released a new update with the fix (3.9.6). Please do try out the latest version of the app.

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Okay, I’ll update and post back. Thanks!

I have updated and checked - works again! Thank you for the really quick response and reaction, I am impressed!

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Hey, since yesterday I’ve been receiving a widely increasing number of notifications for my monitored websites, for some reason - altough I’ve had the notification conditions set for years - it looks like these conditions are now ignored (there are no global conditions that overrule them) and every change is now notified. I’ve tried to migrate the conditions to v2 without any success. I’m using the 3.9.5-beta desktop app, has anyone been experiencing the same?

@ObakeFilter thanks for reaching out. 3.9.5-beta had a bug that caused this issue. Upgrading to 3.9.6-beta should fix this issue.