Name a monitor in the watchlist


Is there a way to name a monitor row, i think it would help with the notifications. At the moment when i get a notification the only text I see is that of the page, its hard to distinguish which monitor its coming from until i click into it and view the notification.

When having multiple ones, it would be good if we could essentially have a subject line for a specific monitor, to summarise what it is about so that the notification is clearer

Hello @fomo

Firstly, welcome to Distill’s forums & thank you for your suggestion.
Every monitor has a name & this can be modified while setup as well as through the edit options (as shown in the screenshot below):

Furthermore, A couple of ways to manage sifting through the watchlist include setting up appropriate tags to various monitors and filtering down the results via the in-built search functionality.
Here is a link to a video tutorial on How to efficiently use Distill’s Watchlist.
We’ll definitely take into consideration your suggestion to improve our product.