Mute notifications

I know this is probably unlikley but is it possible to mute notifications after one is sent, e.g. after one notification is sent, block anymore for 10 minutes (to prevent spam). Or does anyone know a way? Thanks

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It isn’t possible mute notifications. Can you please share your use case? We are thinking about a more dynamic schedule which can either be sped up or slowed down after a change is detected. This can be a possible solution for your use case once we support this.

My use case is once a notification has been sent, any further notifications will be prevented for 10 minutes. Basically the first notification I receive is all I need, after that the button keeps changing from buy now to sold out causing spam for a short while. I have solved this by using a webhook though so it’s all good.
Another feature I think could be useful is to be able to deselect an element that isn’t currently on the webpage, for some elements I have to wait for them to appear and then deselect it. Not a big issue though.

Got it. It was useful, thanks!