Multiple Monitors off of single page refresh

Is it possible to have multiple monitors run off of a single website refresh? I am tracking prices on multiple items from a website but I am hoping to run separate monitors so I can specify prices for each without having to bombard their site with a bunch of refreshes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

All monitors run independently of each other.

I am hoping to run separate monitors so I can specify prices for each

When you select a price, what do when the price changes? Do you need to have different condition for each price?

I have it set to alert me when a price drops below a certain threshold. Is there a way where I can have it track multiple prices on the same page in one monitor and alert if any of them drops below? I will take a closer look.

The condition “Text has number that decreased more than 0” is a way to get alerted when any of the price in the page has decreased in value. This works if and only if the order of and number of prices listed in the page doesn’t change.

For example, let’s assume the initially the page listed products A, B and C. Later, the order changed to B, A and C. The logic to detect change in values will compare B’s latest value against A’s old value. This will lead to an incorrect result.

What kind of list do you need to monitor?

I have a list of NFT’s that I am tracking prices on. What I like about setting up the separate monitors is I can name them and set unique price points for each one. That way if the price drops below my pre-determined level I get a notification that tells me specifically what item dropped in price and what the new price is.

I’ve tried sorting the page alphabetically and then tagging each items price all under one monitor. The notification works but all I get in the notification is the change of price but I don’t know which item it is attached to without pulling open the website and checking to see which item has the new price. Is there a way I can attach label’s to each element within the monitor (ie: each NFT has a name and a specific price attached, but all the data is pulled from one page refresh rather than needed a separate monitor for each).

Here is a link to the page if you want to see what I am talking about:

Thanks for sharing the use case. I can see the appeal of creating multiple monitors here.

You can include each item’s name in your selection too. That will be a good way to see name and price in the monitored item list. Let me know if there is any issue with this approach.