Multiple Chrome profiles - without counting as different devices

To organize my day I use multiple Chrome profiles, one for politics, one for health and so on. Maybe I have four, just on this desktop, and a couple on my laptop. I have a Firefox account, a smartphone, a tablet…

Each of these profiles will count as a device (use one of my limited share, 3, of devices) - even if it is me using all Chrome profiles - same Distill user - and they share the same search list and tags.

Do I really have to remove an unused device every time I want to access Watchlist (Distill Web Monitor) from the Chrome profile (or other device) that I am using? Wouldn’t limiting to Google profile (logged in be enough?

I know I’m always just an Alt+Tab away from my main Chrome profile, but it seems unnecessary and cumbersome. Is there an easier way that I haven’t seen?

Hello @menneske, welcome to the community forum!

When we refer to the limit of device that one can have in an account, it refers to a very specific type - browser extensions (and soon desktop app) in the background and perform checks. These always own a full copy of synced data and are always connected to the servers for providing real time updates. Each new extension instance increases the number of requests.

On the other hand, signing into the web app at and the phone app aren’t counted as devices. You can sign in into any number of Chrome profiles to access data using the web app. The key here is to not have the browser extension installed in each profile and only in those where you want to run the checks from.

Does that make sense?

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We’re in a similar situation. We want to monitor one webpage and use a single laptop that is connected to a speaker system to do it. However, our staff rotate frequently and any of about 15 people could be logged into the laptop with their own Firefox or Windows profile.

The cloud monitoring solution isn’t an option because the website isn’t accessible externally.

The desktop version automatically installs to appdata, so it becomes specific to that user. It doesn’t appear Squirrel supports installing at the machine level either (Installer doesn't offer an option to install for all users · Issue #314 · Squirrel/Squirrel.Windows · GitHub)