Monitoring with Random Locations of New Data

I have a (non-public) web page that I’m trying to monitor for new data. The challenge is that new items are added based on the time they are submitted and not the time they are published. New items appear on the page in any location. So if I currently have 10 items on the page, a new item might be added to any spot. For example, spot 5 and items 5-10 would be shifted to 6-11.

I’ve tried a number of different configurations and I can’t seem to find one that will both alert me of changes and give me the text of the item that was added in the notification. I’ve tried options of selecting the whole block that new items might show up in or selecting each of the text blocks that have the titles individually. Can you help?

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Hello @TunaBall - thanks for reaching out and sharing your use case.

This should have monitored any changes in that list. What problem did you face when using the approach? Were there other kinds of changes in the list that you didn’t want to be notified about?

I get notified of changes but I want to know specifically what was added. If the list is “Apple, Banana, Pear” and something new gets added making the list “Apple, Banana, Grape, Pear”, I want to get notified that Grape was added as opposed to getting the whole list in the notification.

When receiving an alert, changes are highlighted so show what has changed. Did you face any problem viewing changes in the change history?

No, it is identifying the changes but the alert contains the full text of the monitored area. The site has frequent changes so I’m hoping there is a way for Distill to distill the results into just specifically what has changed. I’m hoping the alert could just show the changes and not the full content.

The email alerts do contain highlighted changes. Slack and Discord ones do too. Are you are referring to popup alerts?

Yes, The alerts. They currently contain the full text, I just want to know what was added without having to visually examine the whole text.

Got it. For better context, will you be able to share a screenshot of the change history with highlighted changes? Thanks!

Unfortunately I can’t. But it’s something like ABC, changes to ABXC, changes to AYXC, I want the notification to just tell me X was added, then Y was added. New items might be added in any location…