Monitoring Password Protected webpages

New to this platform. Has lots of potential! How to I add my login to monitor password protected websites on Distill?

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Hi @wnpstm85
as long as the browser has your login data saved you’ll be logged in when distill checks the page.
if you need to login every time you visit the page i suggest you use some third party programm or extension for automated logins.


@lagavulinlover59’s suggestion is the recommended way in most cases. In some cases one may need to monitor a website using cloud. Profiles[1] for cloud monitors can help in some of those cases.

[1] Profiles for Cloud Monitors |

thanks my issue has been fixed.

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Great to know that! What option did you use?

When the webbrowser opens and I have to login to the password protected account the browser switches to en-us locality without the ability to copy/paste. I have so far not discovered a way to use german characters either in the user name or in the password which is a real limiting factor in an international environment.

Have I overlooked something that will do the job?

Hello @ab1, can you share a screenshot to show the problem with locale? Please note that the remote browser uses US IPs by default. If there is a need to use a different geolocation, we could make that possible using geolocated proxies.


I do not know how a screenshot adds more information to the description as I still use a german keyboard but will control a webbrowser that uses an US keyboard. As a programmer I’m used to the problem but it is difficult to handle for long and strong passwords. Copy/Paste would be the best thing as this enables to copy the password from a password store and insert it into the logon-screen.

Can you try using right-click > paste action and see if that works for you?

Hey ab1,

Was this issue happening when you were using the extension or the webapp ?

If it was the webapp, this happens because the browser instance is actually in a remote server and uses proxy.

In that case, you can use the extension which uses your local browser to monitor for changes.

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the page im monitoring requires a login , does this have to be on a local machine or can I use the server monitor.

Thanks !

@sphangman checkout How to monitor webpages with login and password? – Distill

thanks my issue has been fixed.

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