Checking University seat availability

I tried setting it up to check for university seats, but it seems that it doesn’t have the feature to log in a website. How can I set it up so it is able to see the seats menu?

I set it up and selected the elements I wanted it to keep track of, but when I go to the extension it gives me a 404 page.

Hello @liwa, if can you access the page you are trying to monitor using your browser, then extension should be able to access that page too.

  1. If you try and monitor the full page what do you get?
  2. Do you need to take some actions like (clicks etc) to go the final page?

He’s asking whether the extension can log into a website before it starts checking. Unattended, meaning he can’t be there to do the logging-in. And some websites log you out automatically either when idle or if they are doing maintenance. How can Distill check to see if you are logged in and do it by itself if you aren’t?

Something like this could be used: Monitoring Password Protected webpages - #2 by lagavulinlover59