Monitoring for changes - SELECTION_EMPTY error

I’m trying to be notified when the upper left item changes on this page:[sortAscending]=false&search[sortBy]=LISTING_DATE

It runs for a while then gives SELECTION_EMPTY error. I tried reselecting the item but the error eventually comes back.

I tried setting “ignoreEmptyText”: true,
to “ignoreEmptyText”: false,
then hit save but when I go back in there it says “ignoreEmptyText”: true, again.

Any Ideas?

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Hi @1bryan, when monitors work for a while but start erroring out with SELECTION_EMPTY, it usually means that the selectors used to locate elements in the page stopped working. The most common reason for this is a webpage update that changed identifiers like class names and ids in the page.

Are you trying to monitor the Items 6000 text that is displayed under the title? A good CSS selector is: [data-testid="collection-description-metadata-items"]. If monitoring a different element, please share a screenshot. I will check it out and let you know a good selector.

Thanks, Ajit

Edit: Regarding the problem with saving "ignoreEmptyText" is the quotes around the word. “” are invalid characters. A " should be used instead. Note that " gets automatically converted to other characters when using document editors like MS word or Google docs. Using a plain text editor like Notepad preserves the original character.

Thanks for the response.
I’m only monitoring a single item. This item is the top left of the 6000 items. This position always holds the newest listing.
I have tried setting a delay in config[1] to10.
I’ll let you know how it goes.

I see the following:

Can you please highlight the section in that image?

One of the challenges with this site is that it uses many identifiers (like class name and id) are machine generated and change frequently, As a result the selectors that use them can stop working and requires updating them frequently.

Creating a more stable selector needs to be done manually. Feel free to reach out if you need help creating one.