Monitoring Not Working on Dynamic Page

My wife really wants to go to peloton studios. Peloton® Studios. We tried to set up a monitor using the selector and each day when the previous day is removed it breaks the monitor. Any thoughts on how I can fixe?

Hello @hellopelo, welcome to the community forum and thanks for your post.

I just took a look at it and the autogenerated selectors didn’t look stable. The selectors most likely change every day. One will have to hand craft it. One stable CSS selector in the page could be: [data-test-id="scrollContainer"]. It can be used to build other selectors. For example,

  • [data-test-id="scrollContainer"] ul > li
  • [data-test-id="scrollContainer"] > div > div > ul > li:first-child

Were you trying to monitor the list of all schedules in that page?


I was trying to monitor one specific class, but it moves around on the page. Do you think there is a way to do a text search or something on here.

What will happen is we flash to a “Waitlist” box will show up where there is a “class full” text box right now.

10:00 AM

Cody Rigsby

40 min Stack - 20 min Ride + 20 min Ride




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Hi @hellopelo

You can try an XPath Selector which accesses the parent.
Something along the following lines:

//*[@alt='Cody Rigsby']/ancestor::a

The alt property has the name of the respective trainer & you’re trying to access the ancestor which is an anchor tag.
Let me know, if that helps.

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