Monitoring in background - possible memory leak

Hello there!

I’ve recently changed all my monitors to load pages in background instead of in tab. What happens now is the Distill extension slowly increases its memory footprint until it crashes/gets shut down by the browser. The leak increases gradually with every monitor check.

Stopping the monitors prevents further leak, but does not release the memory. Only disabling the extension or closing the browser does.

Tested both in Opera and Chrome, in the latter case after settings reset and deleting any other extensions to make sure there’s no third party involved.

Thanks in advance!


Hello @lee6pl, thanks you for reporting this issue. This is very helpful. IIRC another user faced a similar issue. But we were unable to reproduce this issue in our development environment.

When using background checks, Distill loads the pages in the background to parse and filter data. It is possible that in some cases there is a memory leak. A few questions:

  1. What is the average check interval for the monitors?
  2. Are they all from the same website or from different ones?

What does “after settings reset” mean?