Monitor URL link to only be sent to discord webhook

I have a page I am monitoring and working, but there is a field on the page which I would like to monitor and it is a URL link.
When the URL link changes on thaI want it sent to a discord webhook I have setup.
I only want the URL within the page to be sent.

Example: > monitor an element within the page which is a specific URL within the page > have distill send the URL ONLY to a discord webhook

I have the discord webhook setup just trying to see how to get the URL link to only be sent and NOT direct to the page

@DaDistill You can use Webhook Call instead of Discord notification and change the appearance of how Discord alerts look.

You can check out the Discord webhook guide to learn its structure and then use it under the field in the Distill webhook action. All the fixed values can go under “embeds” and variable values can be under the “Content” field. Here is one sample alert for the Discord alert.

This is the corresponding field for the above discord alert for which I have used the “Webhook action”.

In your case,

  1. Monitor the href attribute value. See: What is Visual Selector? – Distill → How to monitor Attribute and Property value for the selected element?
  2. Add a “Webhook call” action with “Content” parameter. The value for the content will be {{sieve_data.text}}

Thank you so much I was able to get a basic setup

  • How about an image what would the parameter be?
  • How about removing the OLD vs New changes? Meaning when a change occurs do not send the data about the OLD

@DaDistill It seems that you are using “Discord Notification” as the action. Using Discord notifications will show the old and new content.

You can use “Webhook Call” as explained in the previous reply. It is customizable and you can configure which data you need to get as part of the notification.

For images, you can monitor the src attribute of the image and use Webhook call action with the content parameter set to {{sieve_data.text}}. It will send the src URL of the image in Discord alerts. Sending the image should be possible very soon using embeds.

Suggested reading:

  1. For monitoring an attribute: What is Visual Selector? – Distill
  2. Webhook and the parameters: Webhook - Integrate with external apps – Distill

When doing Webhook
Anybody know how to remove
Webhook remove "Powered by

I have tried many options any help please

The brand in the Discord can be customized in Enterprise plans right now.