Monitor unable to find Macro


I am new to Distill and have been enjoying learning how to use it but it seems I have run into a bit of a roadblock. I am using a macro for monitoring and i keep getting a NOT_FOUND error. this is the full error


Macro not found with 1bb21e50-f4ae-11ee-9632-f76f35e7b6b5.

I have re-recorded the macro multiple times and test ran it plenty, it all seems to be working. Why cant the system find it when the monitor is checking?

When I remove the macro it does its checks with no error, but its not monitoring what I want because there is no macro running first so that doesnt work. Please help! Thanks in advance.

@lmmoldowan this error is likely when creating the monitor and use it almost immediately in a local monitor. The browser extension and the desktop should fetch (sync) the newly created macro within a minute. Can you try running the monitor once again and see if that works? If should run fust fine.