Monitor ticket sales

I would like to monitor ticket availability on the Chelsea FC ticket platform provided by 3D Digital Venue.

The platform uses an image of the stadium to show ticket availability. When I select to monitor the stadium image with “search fields to monitor” set to to “innerHTML” I am getting an error because upon refreshing the page it requires the user to press a “Buy Tickets” button before the image of the stadium appears).

Does anyone know how I can overcome this?

Below an image first of the stadium and below the Buy Tickets button that appears upon re-loading.

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Hello @fevon, monitoring the seat map using HTML is a good idea. The button click could be done using a macro. Checkout to learn more about macros.

Note that we have recently added experimental support for running Macros using extensions too. We plan to update the doc to note this in some time.

Feel free to reply if you need any help or have any questions.