Monitor shows last check as NA, but I am unable to see the log

Hi team,

My monitor shows NA and when I try to see what is the error, there is nothing in the log.
Here is a screenshot:


How can I fix this issue?



There are a couple of scenarios in which case this can happen. Let me explain below:

  1. You are logged into the chrome extension and are looking for errors associated with a monitor running on the web or the device on which the monitor is different from the device where you are checking to monitor for updates.

a. Chrome extension vs Web app: This can be easily identified as follows:

Check the URL in your browser

  • If it starts with chrome-extension:// then its the chrome extension
  • If it starts with then its the web app

b. Check where the monitor is running. Based on your screenshot, it is easily understandable that its a monitor running in the cloud.

  • Running in the cloud

  • Running in local chrome extension:

If you are trying to look for errors associated with a monitor running on the web app in the chrome extension or vice-versa, it wont be accessible (as the data associated with error logs is not directly shared between the two for performance reasons)

  1. The second scenario arises when the log has been purged as its quite old. To ensure the application runs efficiently at your end, we purge the log history periodically. In such a scenario as well, you wont be able to see the log history.

Hope this helps address your question.