Monitor opens a new window instead of an in-app option

Hi everyone. I was having trouble syncing my macro with the page to monitor and have figured out why: when i want to start a new monitor, instead of opening in the app itself to run the macro and then use the visual selector, it automatically opens a new browser window and i have to manually get to the date grid page, therefore the source is not the sign in page but the schedule appointment one, and that’s why the macro doesn’t run accordingly.

i have tried both from the chrome extension and from the desktop app, and both of them open a new browser window. how can i configure it to be like in the youtube video example? thank you very much

There are two ways to use a macro in a monitor:

  1. The easy and direct way is to go to and add the monitor. This uses an remote browser to let you interact and select content from the page. The video shows this method. Before saving the monitor, you can change choose the extension or the desktop app as the device to check the page for changes.

  2. When using the extension or the desktop app to monitor the page, the macro has to be specified in the Options page as shown below:

The reason is the extension and the desktop app’s visual selector doesn’t yet support recording or playing the macro yet.

You should be able to use the first option to create and use the macro. Let me know if you face any issue or have any questions.