Monitor Font Color Change

Is it possible to monitor changes in font color using a condition?

Hello @ryanpettit,

By default, Distill only tracks changes to text. But some visual changes can be monitored by tracking changes to code if they are done using HTML. Can you share an example of the kind of change you are trying to track so that I can take a look?

So I have this page that has several columns. I need to monitor the column on the right for change in text color. It can either be Red, Green or Black.

When I inspect the element that is a single row of that column I get this code when the text is red:

The class in that element makes it very easy to select only those elements that are red. Following CSS selector can be used to do that:


If you are only interested when a text becomes red or the count of red numbers change, it will work really well. Does that help?

So do I put that “td.buffer-color-red” in the text field after selecting CSS in the left side?

Following screenshot shows how to use a CSS selector (notice the steps 1 and 2 in red):

Hope this helps!

This is really close… so with your suggestion, it shows me when red text appears anywhere on the page.

What I need though is to identify a field in the table, and only get alerts when that particular field text turns red.

see screenshot.


To confirm, do you need to get alert only when the 30SEP row’s value turns red?

Yes that’s right. I need to know by date. And just the right column.

Can you copy that row’s HTML and share here?