Monitor false alert


I have set up numerous monitors to monitor updates to forms that are provided through different authorities’ websites. In those monitors I would track the text of the form number and the href.

I have received a few monitor alerts today, one of it being the NSW UCPR forms but there don’t seem to be any updates to the form / changes to the form version number.

I have looked into the Visual Change History but the form versions appear the same. When I looked into the Source Change History, the main difference I see is the data-rsevent-id number and the fact that the url includes www. previously and the www. is now omitted (refer screenshot below).

Is Distill able to advise what has triggered the alert in this instance as I would like to understand what other type of changes would trigger an alert, apart from an actual change to the document.

@smokeballaulp To clearly see the changes, use the ‘text’ view instead of the ‘source’ view. The screenshot indicates that all URLs originally containing ‘www’ have had it removed, causing the change. Is this a common occurrence?