Monitor a page with javascript that requires several clicks

I am not familiar with coding but I have a question about tracking a website. I’d like Distill to check if a website has new tickets for a concert. The problem is, that the URL ist not working because the webpage has java scripts (that’s what I think) where you click through several buttons to get to the selling page. Once on that selling page, I can manually pressing F5 and it works well. But if I enter the URL in a new tab, an error occurs. Is there a solution, that Distill can handle this?

I would be super grateful if somebody has an answer to this.
Happy weekend everybody!

Hello @uoptino. welcome to the community forum. Distill supports automating steps using a macro. Checkout the documentation on this at Macro: Record and Replay Automated Actions – Distill.

@vaishnavi02 created the following video to show how macros work. Check it out:

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to ask!

Hi @ajitk

thanks for the response and the video you guys created. I followed the steps so far, but I get an error.
cloudfront Error 403: Request could not be satisfied

So can’t even click through the website in the recorder.
The error occurs for this page:

Ah! A 403 error can be encountered when requests from current IPs are being blocked. Can you try using a premium proxy as shown below?

Different kinds of premium proxies are available in the account based on subscription level. Checkout Using proxy servers for checks – Distill to learn more about. Note that Flexi customers can use their own proxies too.