May a chance to use href retrieved instead of monitored page?


I’m monitoring list of ads.

I’m using href of last ads to detect change and know that I have a new ad.

When I receive the notification that a new ad has been created, I click on it and it redirects to list of ads, then I have to click the ads to go on it.

Is that a way to use the href updated when receiving the notification to go direclty on it ?

Or in another way, is possible to use another link than monitored page when we receive notification ?

Thank you

Hello @shadeoner, welcome to the forum!

Opening the final link depends on the notification channel. When using email alerts, the email body should contain the changed link. It can be clicked to go to the final page. On the other hand, when getting the browser’s popup notification, it isn’t possible to do so because the content can’t be rendered as HTML.

We currently support “open page in tab” action whose job is to open the monitored page in a new tab as soon as a change is detected. We can potentially enhance this to take an arbitrary URL as an input. This will work if the URL doesn’t change.

What do you think?

Hello @ajitk
Thank you very much for your offer.

That would be great, but in other hand I got another problem, maybe there is an exisiting solution, the ads website manage to make disapear the last ads for some secs, so I received a notification for the penultimate ads, and another notifcation when last ads appears definitlvly.

So if I open automaticaly tabs I’ll got 3 opening instead of 1.
Is anything possible to test a value from not only previous one, but 2 or 3 previous ones ?

Thank you again for the support, appreciate !!

We don’t have this feature that can do this right now. It sounds like a good idea to test the new value against other older values too in such cases. I will discuss this internally with our team to consider as a new feature.