Macro working mechanism

I want to ask that how many macros i will create if I want to check multiple option on the same page using selector. I want to monitor 4 options so a single macro is enough or i have to create four macros. I don’t understand how macros work. Does it only check the last page means the last option I select or it keep the record of all selection and check changes in each.


Helo @ihtesham2680, welcome to the community forum!

When using a macro to monitor a webpage with Distill, you follow these steps:

  1. First, create a macro.
  2. Next, use the visual selector to create a monitor that utilizes the macro.
  3. Then, replay the macro in the visual selector so the page reaches its final state.
  4. Finally, choose the content on the page you want to monitor for changes and save your settings.

In your case, you want to monitor 4 options on the same page using a selector. You can create a single macro that interacts with all 4 options. When you replay the macro in the visual selector, it will reach the final state of the page after interacting with all 4 options. Then, you can select each option’s content to be monitored for changes and save your settings. This way, you only need one macro to monitor all 4 options.

Does that make sense?

If I misunderstood the way the page works, feel free to correct me. If you can share a screenshot of the steps involved, that will clarify the use case.

Here are the screen shots, if you can kindly guide me please. I combine 5 screen shoot of the same page into single

The address and the red writing change if we change the consular name. When appointment is available in any of one the red line disappear for that consulate and the new calendrer menu appears

Hi @ajitk can you please review the screen shots.

Hello @ihtesham2680, each option in the dropdown loads new content and replaces older content. In this model, you need to create a new monitor and a new macro for each option in the dropdown.

Note that when a date appear again on the page, the red message is expected to disappear. Please make sure to select the page’s title as well in addition to that message in red so that the monitor doesn’t error out with SELECTION_EMPTY message.