Macro replay does not work

Hi all,

I am trying to monitor prices (1 way and 2 way) ferry prices on this website which require one to fill in the date etc. While the process of recording the macro seems fine, there were errors when replaying the macro. I want the monitor to keep helping me check for prices for future dates.

The monitor just scroll up and down instead of selecting the date.

Macro playback failed at step: click.
frame.waitForSelector: Timeout 30000ms

For assistance pls.

hi @limweilucccs, the error indicates that the element in the click step was not found even after waiting for 30 seconds. elements in a page are identified using their selector.

you should see the element’s selector in the click step right under the step name. that selector needs to be updated to find the correct element to click. can you try to edit that selector? steps to edit the selector:

  1. click on selector; a text input with current value and a tick (confirm change) and cross (cancel) button will be opened.
  2. using your mouse, click on the button/link on the page that needs to be clicked. the selector should be updated to find the clicked element.
  3. confirm change and save

try it out and let me know if it works.

you can export the current macro and share it with me too. i can then check it out and get back to you. cheers!