Macro on local windows app


Is macro use blocked on local Windows app with free plan? When opening the macro section of the app to create one, it says that cloud macro are exclusive from starter plan. Are local macro blocked too? Since I am using the local app couldn’t I just run it local?

Thanks in advance

@tsalr thanks for reaching out and asking. Macro is a powerful feature available to paid customers only. Macros can be run locally and requires a premium account.

Note that a locally installed software doesn’t mean that it must be free. For example, we can use Microsoft Office locally on our computer, but we have to pay to get a license to use it.

Ok i’m paying a starter plan, how can I use macro on a local monitor (desktop app)?

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Great, thanks! Create a monitor that uses a macro as described in the following article:

Once the selections have been made and Options page is displayed, change the device running the monitor to the desired local device.


he Desktop app is a good choice for running macros locally. If you need any help, feel free to reach out. Cheers!

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