Macro don’t work in Monitoring page

I have a problem with macro and monitoring one web store.

I need to monitor all products from this webpage, but I need to scroll few times to see them all, because the webpage don’t automaticaly show all of the products. It shows 16 products by default, and visitor need to scroll down to load more 16 products, and so on.

I’ve created all of the steps in Macro, and it works fine when I click on the “Replay” button.

Also, when I chose Macro in Webpage Selector and click “play” Macro icon, everything works fine.

Then I select all of the page elements I need, from top to bottom of the page.

But, monitoring is not working as it should, it only monitor for 16 products (the number of products which webstore load by default withoud scrolling), even I have selected more than 50 products.

Where should be the problem in this Macro-Monitoring interaction?


Hello @jaskoraul, thanks for reaching out and sharing the details of your use case.

I am wondering if the page is taking longer to load when being checked for udpates. Can you try adding a wait_for_duration step after the scroll step? You can use the ‘+’ icon in macro recorder to add a step at the end or an existing step’s overflow menu to add a step after that.

Thanks @ajitk for your fast respond.

Of course, I’ve forgot to mention, I’ve added 3s of waiting after every scroll.

Hi @jaskoraul ,

Can you export the macro and share the content of the exported file here ?


Which device were you using for monitoring ? ( Eg; cloud, chrome extension, desktop app etc.)

@cobramonk of course:


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@jaskoraul Can you try again and see it works now? We fixed a bug where the page’s scripts were conflicting with Distill’s script.

Thanks a lot, now everything works great.

One more question, how can I create condition where there will be no notifications for changes when two products with same price change the place in sorting while monitoring?

For example, I’m getting to much notifications with this change, there is no change in price, but just two products which have the same price have changed their places in sorting.


Glad to know that the macro works now.

For the issue with changes in order, is it possible to sort the search result in a predictable way?

May be it would be possible, I will try it.