Macro Configuration using Local Browser

When creating a macro a sub-browser is created, this is not from the local page. Some websites have geo-location differences so it makes creating macros more difficult.

Is there a reason for macros being created via a sub-browser and not being run via a local window?

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Macro recorder started as a cloud only feature 2 years ago. The API available to automate browser were much more powerful for remote browser (referred to as sub-browser in your post) compared to local browsers. That made building record and replay feature easier there.

We have added support for running macro for local monitors recently. As per the ChangeLog, it was added in November 2022. There still are a few limitations in local monitors due to lack of specific apis. We are improving those as we iterate.

It makes sense to have a macro recorder that uses local browser (like the visual selector). The advantages will be faster load times, access to websites in private networks, and like you said, using your geolocation to access the website. We will eventually build a recorder for local usage. But it is going to be a bit far off into the future given our current roadmap.

In your case, does using a proxy server to access the page from a specific geolocation help?